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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As we were driving to Kigali in Rwanda, these Zebra's were just on the side of the road grazing along with the cattle.  They were so beautiful

For our RS activity we made flowers out of fabric and ribbon.  They ladies had so much fun!  This is Phiona in the purple hat.  She has four children and her husband is Emmanuel.

Kathryn is our Primary president

We made 3 different types of flowers, two of fabric and one of ribbon

They were so cute

Sorry my phone doesn't have a flash

Fancied all up

I don't know why they pin them on their boobs

Can't have too many flowers

So fancy

Mary and I at the couples conference.  I had this African dress made for myself.  The floppy orange flower at the top is pinned on Mary's hat.  Mine was purple.
I also made a beanie for Mary.  We will be having the crochet classes soon to learn this flower next
Just wanted you to see how close we were to the zebra's.  That is Amy trying to take a picture of it
Miriam with her hat on
Yes the croc was this close.  The boatman parked the boat right up the to the shore where this guy was having a nap.  he was huge.  Once we woke him up he came right at us, but splashed us with the water.  The boatman said; "Don't worry, Croc's don't jump in boats."  Then he started laughing at how scared we were.
It was raining so we didn't see a lot of animals.  Usually in the dry season they come to the river, but it wasn't very dry.
Wart hog.....There are tons of these guys around
HIppos are not all that friendly, opting to go hide under the water as you go by
Yes he did come for us

Heading for the water.  And we were that close.  I did not use my far away lens
These guys wander around the roads waiting for a hand out
This guy had a hurt leg so couldn't get away from us very fast
God's Army in Jinja


Joy For Your Journey said...

I LOVE these pictures!! What an adventure. It isn't everyone who gets a safari and a mission at the same time!! The flowers are so cute!! And what fun ladies!!

Mama Bell said...

Thanks for the pictures, unbelievable to see those animals up so close. Yikes! And the flower project looks like so much fun. . .you are awesome!

Fisher Family said...

Your animal pictures are just amazing!! I love your african dress. Very cute! It's fun to see all the people that you work with. What an adventure you are having:)